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by design

I’m Megan – a design professional specialising in creative problem solving for innovation, service design and digital transformation.

I can help you to:

  • engage with people and teams
  • coordinate and facilitate innovation activities
  • plan and create future-focused policy and strategy
  • clarify and communicate your vision
  • improve or re-imagine your products and services
  • use technology to collaborate globally

I’ve worked with the multiple levels of government, academic institutions, large and small businesses, non-profit organisations, social enterprise, and industry associations on a huge range of technology and innovation initiatives.

As a Director on the Board of Women in Innovation SA, a coach and a consultant; I am passionate about working with people to make an impact
– by design.

I believe:

Connect with your customers

Research and development has a new name: empathy. This is the heart of human-centred design. New solutions require new thinking – a deep understanding of the people you are designing for and what their needs are.

Enhance the human experience

A customer’s experience with your products and services begins well before they ever set eyes on them and ends long after they have finished using them. People will always remember the way you made them feel. It’s about being relevant, and providing value. Discover what lasting impressions your products and services are having…

Transform your services

How do you innovate? Using a design approach can help you re-imagine your services by putting people at the centre of the process.

Innovation is a team sport and I can help you too look at your services differently.

Careers and Clients

Just some of the organisations I’ve been fortunate to work with: